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VNIIFTRI is made up of:

  • 10 scientific research departments (NIOs);
  • testing laboratories, which are units of the Scientific Research Center and have a wide area of accreditation;
  • 4 branches:
    The West-Siberian Branch (Novosibirsk),
    The East-Siberian Branch (Irkutsk),
    The Far-Eastern Branch (Khabarovsk) ,
    The Kamchatka Branch (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy).
The West-Siberian Branch

The West-Siberian Branch of VNIIFTRI was set up on February 13, 2020 as a result of a reorganization of state scientific metrological institutes, when the Siberian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology was affiliated to VNIIFTRI.

The branch’s main field of activity is ensuring the uniformity of measurements by development and application of state standards for units of measurement and provision of services in the area of practical metrology. It is a state test center for measuring instruments.

The West-Siberian Branch consists of scientific departments, laboratories and other services, which jointly ensure that the goals assigned to the institute are achieved at a high scientific and technical level.

The institute developed and operates a standard complex which is part of the State Service for Time, Frequency and the Determination of Earth Rotation Parameters.

The branch contains six state primary standards and 110 secondary state standards for key physical quantities and a Center for Metrological Support for Nanotechnology in the Siberian Federal District.

The branch’s official web-site:

The Kamchatka Branch

The Kamchatka Branch of VNIIFTRI is a center of the State Service for Time and Frequency.

The Kamchatka Branch is in charge of storing the units of time, frequency and the coordinated time scale (UTC P-K), which are agreed to a specified accuracy with the units and the UTC(SU) scale of the State Primary Standard for Time and Frequency, and for the provision to the State Service for Time and Frequency’s Main Metrological Center and to interested organizations of metrological information obtained at its facilities and of the results of control of standard frequency and time signal emissions.

The main tasks of the branch are:

  • storing the units of time and frequency and generation of the local time scale with specified accuracy;
  • comparison of the local time scale with UTC (SU) using GPS and GLONASS data, with metrological accuracy;
  • participation in a state program for the development of a coordinate and frequency field intended to ensure a navigation situation in the region which meets international standards;
  • conducting scientific research related to the evaluation of the influence of external physical factors on the accuracy of the state standard and directed towards increasing the accuracy;
  • carrying out the functions of a metrological control point of the State Service for Time and Frequency;
  • ensuring the uniformity of measurements;
  • operation of the equipment complex, deployed at the Kamchatka Branch, that is used to control the error in the GLONASS/GPS navigation field using correction information from the System of Differential Correction and Monitoring;
  • provision of metrological support for the instruments used to adjust fundamental astronomic and geodetic parameters, located at the Kamchatka Branch, and their methods of measurement.

Contact information:

683002, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Severo-Vostochnoye highway 30, P. O. Box number 26
Tel.: 8 (4152) 49-75-41

The East-Siberian Branch

The East-Siberian Branch of VNIIFTRI is a separate division of the institute.

The main objective behind the establishment of the East-Siberian Branch is to carry out scientific and technical activities in the area of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the territory of Eastern Siberia and in the whole country.

The scientific activity at the branch is conducted in the following fields:

  • time and frequency measurement;
  • determination of Earth rotation parameters;
  • geodynamic studies;
  • measurement of the dielectric properties of substances and materials;
  • gas humidity measurement.

The branch’s official web-site:

The Far-Eastern Branch

The Far-Eastern Branch was set up by a government order in March, 2007 by reorganizing the All- Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical Measurements (FSUE VNIIFTI «Dalstandart») into a separate division of VNIIFTRI.

The Far-Eastern Branch is a center of state standards in the Far Eastern region. Its key function is to ensure the uniformity of measurements in the field of measurement of ultrasound in solids.

The branch carries out work on maintaining and improving its measurement standards and on the development of new ones. It prepares normative and technical documents, provides calibration and verification services and equips metrological centers with precision measuring instruments..

The branch specializes in the area of metrological support for:

  • measurement of time and frequency, and Earth rotation parameters (the branch is part of the State Service for Time and Frequency of Russia);
  • thermophysical measurements (state special standards for thermal conductivity and heat capacity);
  • acoustic measurements;
  • measurements in solid media (a complex of standard means for the measurement of the characteristics of acoustic fields in solids; development and manufacture of reference measuring instruments and reference materials; training and certification of specialists);
  • energy and resource conservation (a working standard for volume water flow rate, development of a regional reference standard for volume water flow rate);;
  • verification and calibration of measuring instruments according to its area of accreditation.

The branch’s official web-site:

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