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Press Center

The press service of VNIIFTRI is open in its work to provide high-quality and relevant information for the media, specialists, scientists and those who are interested in the activities of the institute.

For the receipt of informative materials it is necessary to send the correctly designed query in press- service of VNIIFTRI.

We will help to organize an interview, foto- and videosurvey for illumination of activity of institute.

How to Submit a Comment Request

Requests for comments are accepted on the official form of the media with the seal and signature of the head addressed to the Director General of FSUE VNIIFTRI Donchenko Sergey Ivanovich.

You must specify the following in the query:

  • subject;
  • list of questions;
  • where the information will be used;
  • the obligation to agree with specialists and management of the Institute on the prepared material;
  • obligation to provide the press service of FSUE VNIIFTRI with an electronic copy of the published material.

Procedure for applying for interviews, photo and video filming on the territory of VNIIFTRI

An application for an interview, photo or video shooting is submitted on the letterhead of a legal entity with the signature and seal of the head addressed to the general director of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» Sergey Donchenko.

The following must be specified in the requisition:

  • purpose;
  • date, time;
  • duration and venue of the event;
  • composition of the film crew indicating passport data (Russian passports);
  • list of equipment;
  • the brand and state number of the car;
  • contact details of the responsible person;
  • the obligations of the management/editorial board to coordinate the prepared material, actual data, as well as the ratio of the video sequence and the comment of the speaker of VNIIFTRI with the management and specialists of the institute before the story/material goes on air;
  • obligation to provide the press service of VNIIFTRI with electronic copies of published stories/materials prepared as a result of the visit of media representatives to the institute.

An application for the organization of interviews, photo or video must be sent at least 5 working days before the expected date of the visit.

Applications are accepted at:


Press secretary

Barkova, Alexandra
tel.: +7 926 468 39 71

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