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VNIIFTRI invites to the V International Science and Technology Conference "Metrology of Physical and Chemical Measurements"

06 July 2021

MOSCOW REGION, July 05, 2021 - The Russian metrological institute of technical physics and radioengineering invites to the V International Scientific and Technical Conference "Metrology of Physical and Chemical Measurements", which will be held on September 14-16, 2021. The meetings will be held in the assembly hall of VNIIFTRI.

“VNIIFTRI has initiated and organized an international conference dedicated to the metrology of physical and chemical measurements. Today this is one of the most dynamically developing and demanded areas of research in various fields of human activity. The accuracy of chemical measurements is extremely important in areas such as medicine, ecology, food products, etc. and metrological support of these measurements is a high priority task for metrologists all over the world. The international conference is an excellent specialized platform for exchanging experience with foreign and Russian colleagues, establishing new contacts, identifying trends, developing new lines of cooperation,” said Narine Oganyan, deputy head of the research department of physical, chemical and electrical measurements.

Conference 2021 is dedicated to the following issues: improvement of standards; key and pilot comparisons, traceability of measurements; reference materials, electrochemical measurements; physical and chemical measurements in applied and legal metrology, etc. The key speakers will be highly qualified specialists from Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Russia, etc.

The presented abstracts after consideration by the members of the Program Committee are published before the start of the conference in a special edition “Metrology of physical and chemical measurements. Abstracts" in Russian and English languages.

The reviewed materials of the conference in English will be published on the website of the international publishing house, indexed in the international Scopus database.

Please send applications for participation, questions on the organization of the International Science and Technology Conference, on the provision of exhibition samples and placement of advertising materials, requests for an agreement and invoices to pay for participation and other organizational issues to STC NAVITEST, LLC: e-mail:, tel.: +7 (495) 943-79-76

Please send abstracts of reports, proposals for the Program and the draft of the Decision to FSUE "VNIIFTRI": е-mail:, tel.: +7(495) 526-63-21 (ext. 90-62)

You can find more information about the conference, download the application, as well as the guidelines for submission of abstracts and articles on the website:

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